Updated: 2/20/2018

Drivers are always looking for ways to save at the gas pump without giving up their powerful engines. So, Buick has made filling-up easier on wallets with their eAssist technology. This groundbreaking technology can be found in all of their hybrid models, including the Buick Regal.

The eAssist technology on the Buick Regal proves it’s possible to have a fuel efficient car without sacrificing luxury or power.

Buick Regal’s eAssist Makes Saving Money at the Pump Easy

Accumulate Savings with Regenerative Braking

To give drivers greater fuel economy, Buick Regal’s eAssist technology charges its battery differently. This innovative system employs the brakes to charge the battery — press the brakes to engage a generator and gather up energy that would otherwise be wasted.

Start-Stop Optimizes Fuel Efficiency

Regenerative braking isn’t the only way eAssist distinguishes itself. Rather than waste fuel in stop-and-go traffic, Buick designed eAssist’s start-stop feature. So whenever the Regal comes to a complete stop, the engine shuts down.

Once the accelerator is engaged, the engine is turned on once more. The best part of this technology is that the transition between on and off is so seamless that the driver won’t take any notice.

The Buick Regal’s Appeal Goes Beyond eAssist

The eAssist technology isn’t the Buick Regal’s only luxurious quality. Soft leather sport bucket seats, heated steering wheel, 8” driver information display, and heated seats are just the beginning of the deluxe amenities featured in this mid-size sedan. Plus, the elegant, sweeping lines of its exterior make it clear why Buick says about the Regal, “Make an impression without saying a word.”

Test the Buick Regal and eAssist Technology at Moore Buick GMC

It’s one thing to read about the Buick Regal’s incredible technology and features, but a test drive is necessary to truly get a sense of how special this midsize sedan is.

Come visit us at Moore Buick GMC today, and our helpful staff will be glad to take you out for a test drive and answer any questions you may have about this amazing vehicle.